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Take a Tour of My Town

(Photo by Juliet Ashley)

Welcome to my home! As we've all been spending more time at home and not traveling lately, I thought I would share some appreciation for my sweet home town.

I was born and raised in Medford, Oregon. We are just a few minutes north of Ashland, known for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, and East of Jacksonville, host of the wonderful Britt Music Festival.

(Beautiful buildings in Ashland)

Medford is nestled in a beautiful valley that experiences all four seasons in their perfect glory. We have scorching summers, colorful autumns, brisk and snowy winters, and stunning springs.

Within a couple hours drive are waterfalls, lakes, parks, rock features, and rivers. If you asked most of the people who grow up and stay here what the best thing about this area is, I bet they'd say the scenery. It's truly such a beautiful place to live.

When I was growing up, my peers hated living here. I think many of them would consider it a sign of failure to grow up in Medford and stay here. Of course we have our problems, but for the most part Medford is growing and evolving into a fun, beautiful community and I am proud to be here. It has changed a lot in the last ten years, and I hope that the new generations of kids that grow up here see the overwhelming beauty of our little town and not just the dark spots.

(Downtown Medford)

We have a local business community like you WOULD NOT believe. If you are a small business in Southern Oregon, all you have to do is reach out and you will find a dozen others standing beside you, giving you social media shout outs, encouraging others to support you, and helping you network with other local vendors.

(My friend and fellow small business owner, Angelina - White Family Homestead)

The coffee shops here in the Valley are also worth mentioning, mostly because I love coffee and am obsessed with the variety of flavors, vibes, environments, and experiences the local coffee scene has to offer. Classic coffee in historic buildings, modern spaces and gorgeous latte art, vibrant plants and baristas who treat you like instant best friends, you can even get amazing drive-thru espresso without sacrificing quality.

(Outsider Coffee)

(GoodBean Jacksonville, their building is from the 1850s!)

(Forage Coffee)

We have farmers markets, parades, blues festivals, concerts, dance competitions, county fairs, a gingerbread jubilee, Shakespeare plays, lavender festivals, and a rich history throughout our beautiful valley. Our wild lands are pristine, full of animals, and a perfect way to hit the "reset" button when day to day life gets heavy.

I hope you've enjoyed this tiny peek into my beautiful home town. I love to travel to places that are special and memorable, I hope if you're looking for a new place to spend a weekend, you'll give Medford a chance, and come say hi to me if you do! Tell me something about your hometown!

(Photo by Juliet Ashley)

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