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Bring on the New Year

We all have our own feelings and experiences about the many crummy things that happened this year, so I don't want to talk about that. It's all been said, and we're literally all experiencing it together.

Instead I want to take a minute to just say "thank you" to everyone who made 2020 a year of generosity, community, support, and optimism.

To the businesses who donated to our Southern Oregon family and friends as they faced home losses after the huge local fire: THANK YOU.

To the people who fought for our freedoms near and far to protect our country while we scrolled social media and played with our kids at home: THANK YOU.

To the firefighters, law enforcement officers, nurses, hospital staff, and doctors who are doing their best to show up for their communities in uncertain times, and continuing to smile and spread joy: THANK YOU.

To the artists who created masterpieces, raised money, spoke up for causes important to them, and made the world just a little more beautiful with their talents, THANK YOU.

To the workers who can't work from home, whose jobs didn't close, whose contributions keep our community operating, who don't get praise in the media...but who continue show up tirelessly without accolades: THANK YOU.

(My husband is one of the small businesses who never shut down, and kept landscapers, arborists, farmers, and home gardeners working)

I know all of you are with me in hoping and praying that 2021 brings prosperity and togetherness for our communities. So let's do what is within our power to ensure that it does, ok? Shop small & local when you can. Check in on your neighbors and friends. Bake sourdough and grow food. Leave some TP for others (LOL). Wash your hands & get some sunshine on your skin.

Happy new year!


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